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Midge Ure

Soundtrack 1978-2019 CD/DVD Boxset


Release Date: 27/09/2019

Discs: 3

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 Two gatefold card sleeves, 20 page booklet with track notes by Midge, housed in a clamshell box.

Chrysalis Records will release a 32-song collection, encompassing four decades of Midge Ure’s rich and varied career.

Best known for his work with Ultravox and as a co-founder writer/founder of Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas, Midge Ure has also had a rich and illustrious career prior to Ultravox, with the Rich Kids, Visage and throughout his career as a solo artist.

His remarkable life in music did not stand still from the moment he arrived in London from his native Glasgow, in 1977. He joined Glenn Matlock’s Rich Kids, who released one album, Ghosts of Princes in Towers. Their second single, Marching Men, is included here. The following year, he and Rich Kids’ drummer Rusty Egan formed Visage with Steve Strange. The line-up was completed by John McGeoch, Barry Adamson and Dave Formula from Magazine and Ultravox! Keyboardist Billy Currie. Their second single, Fade To Grey, was a Top 10 hit. Included here is the Midge Ure’s Band Electronica 2017 rare version.

In 1979 Billy Currie invited Midge to join Ultravox. What followed was six successful years in which the band scored two Top 3 and seven Top 20 singles, and two Top 5 and three Top 10 albums. 

Throughout the 1980s, in addition to his work with Ultravox and co-writing and organising Band Aid and Live Aid with Bob Geldof, Midge released several successful solo albums, including the number 2 album The Gift, which featured the number 1 single, If I Was. The Nineties saw Midge release his third solo album, Pure, which included the hit Cold Cold Heart (included here). His fourth album, 1996’s Breathe, with producer Richard Feldman (famed for working with Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Toots & The Maytals, The Pointer Sisters as well as contemporaries such as Shakespeare Sister).

On 1 December 2017, Midge released the Orchestrated album. It featured orchestrated re-recordings of Ultravox and solo career songs arranged by the composer Ty Unwin. Their reimagining of the Ultravox classic Vienna is featured on this collection.

In addition to many classic Ultravox and Midge Ure solo tracks, this collection also features previously unreleased material2014’s Dark Dark Night, co-written and performed with Moby, Kate Bush (Sister And Brother), Sir George Martin (orchestral arrangement on All In One Day), former Japan member Mick Karn (After A Fashion), and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory (Personal Heaven).

This double CD version also comes with an accompanying DVD that features promo videos from the Rich Kids though his solo work and various collaborations. Bonus features include documentaries and additional live and video clips and Midge has recorded a commentary over the promo videos,

CD One
1. Call of The Wild [7” Version]
2. Answers To Nothing [7” Version]
3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [7” Version] - Ultravox
4. The Gift
5. Wastelands [7” Version]
6. After A Fashion [7” Version] – Midge Ure & Mick Karn
7. Remembrance Day
8. No Regrets [7” Version]
9. Marching Men - Rich Kids
10. If I Was [7” Version]
11. Fade To Grey [2017 Version] – Band Electronica
12. Dear God [7” Version]
13. The Man Who Sold the World
14. That Certain Smile [7” Version]
15. Sister & Brother (feat. Kate Bush) [Alt. 7” Version]
16. All In One Day [7” Version] (Ultravox)

1. Become
2. Touching Hearts And Skies
3. Glorious [2019 Single Mix] - Midge Ure & Rusty Egan *
4. Star Crossed
5. You Move Me [Radio Edit]
6. I Survived [Single Edit] *
7. Personal Heaven - Midge Ure & Glenn Gregory
8. Beneath A Spielberg Sky [7” Version]
9. Breathe [7” Version]
10. Nevermore
11. Cold, Cold Heart [7” Version]
12. Let Me Go
13. I See Hope (In The Morning Light) [7” Version]
14. Let It Rise - Schiller feat. Midge Ure
15. Dark Dark Night [2019 Remix] - Midge Ure feat. Moby *
16. Vienna [Orchestrated Version]
* Previously Unreleased

Promotional Videos [66mins]
1. Marching Men - Rich Kids
2. No Regrets
3. After A Fashion – Midge Ure & Mick Karn
4. If I Was
5. That Certain Smile
6. Call of The Wild
7. Answers To Nothing
8. Dear God
9. Cold Cold Heart
10. I See Hope (In The Morning Light)
11. Breathe
12. You Move Me
13. Beneath A Spielberg Sky
14. Become
15. Let It Rise [Live 2014] (Schiller feat. Midge Ure)
16. Breathe [Orchestrated Version]

Bonus Material
Audio Commentary on Promotional Videos by Midge Ure
Band Electronica [11mins]:
Yellow Pearl/Passing Strangers [Live 2017]
Fade To Grey [Live 2017]
Orchestrated Promo Videos [11mins]
Vienna [Orchestrated Version]
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [Orchestrated Version]
A Portrait of [‘The Gift' EPK 1985] [17mins]
Answers: A Musical Biography [Documentary 1990] [49mins]
Orchestrated [The Making of EPK] [9mins]